The Combidrive Mouse

Photo shows the winning "Mouse" with Mr Edwin Jones, Managing Director of Combidrive Ltd.

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Success at Mallory Park - one way clutches and CVT equipment.

World record certificateCombidrive Ltd received a certificate of performance from Shell and won its class (road legal and weatherproof) in the Shell mileage marathon. A figure of 568 mpg was achieved in the Combidrive "Mouse".
The "Mouse" started life as a Danish 3 wheeler electric car which Combidrive converted to run on diesel. The transmission comprised a Robin single cylinder direct injection 4.8Hp diesel driving an automatic belt transmission (CVT), which in turn drove the rear axle via a 5:1 chain drive. The rear sprocket was mounted over a freewheeling clutch which enabled the vehicle to coast or "freewheel" with minimal drag during the competition.
Both freewheel and CVT were selected by Combidrive from their standard programme of Stieber type clutches and CVT transmissions for small vehicles from 4Hp to 30Hp.